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What Is Agriculture ?

What Is Agriculture ?

Hello everyone , Today in this article I am going to explain about What is agriculture and what are the importance in our life and the steps that it to the agriculture I am going to Spain in this article so please read carefully.

Agriculture :-   

The science of raising crops and animal is called agriculture. The word " agriculture " is divided from latin word 'Agar' meaning ' field ' and ' culture ' meaning ' to grow or cultivate '. Cultivation of plants for food is called farming and rearing of animal to obtain milk , meat and egg is called animal husbandry. We use agriculture products throughout the day.

History Of Agriculture :- 

The early man was a Nomad. He was Hunter - gatherer. He used to hunt animals and ate them raw or cooked on fire. He also used to gather fruits, nuts , seed , leaves , steam etc for eating. 

Around 10,000 BC , The Man Settled close to Riverbank and water bodies , and started farming. Gradually , the man Discover tilling , planting and harvesting the right species of plants and rearing of animal for his needs.

What Is Agriculture Or Crops And Crops Plants :- 

What Is Agriculture Or Crops And Plants :- 

When only one type of plants is cultivated on a large scale at a vast stretch of land , it is called a crop and such plants as Crop plants. 

For example :- A crop of maize means that only Maize plants are grow in the field at one time. 
The word ' crop ' refers to anything produced from soil it may be grains , root , fibres , vegetable , fruits or condiments. 

Horticulture crops:- 

Vegetables fruits flowers for decoration and ornamental non flowering plants are also grow on a large scale these are called Horticulture crops.

Crop session in India :-  

All crops do not grow during the same season. Some crops grows in summer and other in winter . Depending on their growing season , crops in India fall into two categories i.e Rabi crops and kharif crops.

Rabi crops :-  Rabi crops are grown in winter season , Gernally in October - November , and harvested in March - April . Therefore , Rabi crops are called winter crops .

For example :-  Wheat , Gram , Pea , Musterd Etc , are Rabi crops .

Kharif crops :- Kharif Crops are grown in the beginning of rainy season , in June - July , and harvested in September - October. Therefore, kharif crops are called summer crops .

For example :-  paddy ( rice ) , Maize , Jowar , Bajra , groundnut , pulses , cotton , soyabean , Etc , Are Kharif crops.

What Is Agriculture And Basic Agriculture Practices ?

What Is Agriculture And Basic Method Of Agriculture :- 

To raise the crop successfully and have a bumper produce , a farmer follows several practices step by step and uses a variety of tools . These practices are called basic agriculture practices or basic practices of crop production . The tools used during farming are called agricultural implements. 

There Are 9 Method For Crop Production : - 

1 :- Preparation of soil

Seeds germinate in soil . Plants grow and are anchored in the soil. Therefore , soil preparation is necessary for the growth of healthy and bumper crops . Soil preparation involves two step that is is ploughing and levelling.

Ploughing :- Ploughing is also known as tilling. The soil is tilled with a plough pulled by animal or driven by a tractor. Ploughing loosens the soil and allow easy and deeper penetration of the roots. It improve the circulation of air and retention of water in the soil.

Implements used for ploughing are wooden plough, hoe and cultivator. 

Plough is a triangular iron strip attached to a long wooden log at one end and to a wooden beam at the other end.

Hoe is made of a long road of wood or iron. A broad and bent iron plate is attached to one end. It works like a blade and also used for tilling and removing weeds.

Cultivator is the tractor used for ploughing nowadays, which saves time and Labour,

Levelling :- 

The field is levelled for sowing the seeds, irrigating the crop and breaking the big piece of soil. A wooden plank or and iron leveller is used to make the ploughed field levelled. The soil leveller is driven either by bulls or a tractor.

Levelling is essential because it prevents loss of Moisture from the ploughed soil , water logging in the field and, Thus, it helps in uniform irrigation.

Leveling also prevents loss of upper layer of soil from being blown away by the wind. It helps in Breaking the big lumps of soil.

2 :-  Selection And Sowing Of Seeds

Selection of good quality seeds and their proper sowing is essential for getting a better yield of crops.

3 :-  Transplantation Of Seeds 

Some crops like rice and many vegetables are transplanted . The seeds for first sown in in nursery where they grow into tiny plants called Seedlings. These seedlings are then planted in the main fields. This is called transplantation.

Only healthy seedlings are selected by the farmers. Seedling are planted with sufficient spacing between them. This increases yield and crop production.

4 :- Manure And Fertilizers 

For healthy growth of crops plants , different nutritive substance are added to the soil from the time to time . The nutritive substance are called manure and fertilizers , and the mixing with the soil is called manuring . It is very important to grow crop production.

5 :- Irrigation 

The process of watering crop plants in the field at different intervals is called irrigation.

A properly irrigated land produces a much higher yield than a non irrigated land. While in our country, a large number of farmers still depends on Rain water for irrigation, but rain does not provide sufficient amount of water at the right time.

6 :- Weeding ( Removal Of Weeds )

The unwanted plants that grow naturally along with the crop plants are called weeds.

The removal of weeds from the field without harming the crop plants is called wedding.

This is very essential part to grow crop production , without removal of weeds you cannot grow better crops in the field.

7 :- Harvesting

The cutting and gathering of fully mature crop is called harvesting. The harvested grains are called produce or crop yields.

Manual harvesting :- Rice and wheat crops are cut close to the ground by hand using a sickle. This is called Manual Harvesting.

The crop is collected at one place in the field and allowed to dry in the sun for a few days.

Mechanical Harvesting :- In large farms , Harvesting is done mechanically by harvester or combine. A combine has a harvester and thresher combined together in one machine.

8 :- Threshing And Winnowing 
Threshing :- The process of separating grains and husk from the harvested crop is called Threshing.

It can be done in different ways :- 

  •  Manual thrashing :- Harvested crop is threshed by striking against a hard surface.
  • Threshing by animals :- The harvested crop is heaped on the ground and animal like oxen , buffaloes , camels Etc. , are made to walk over it in a circle. The cattle's feet release the grains from chaff.
  • Mechanical Threshing :- A machine called a thresher is used for threshing. The farm machine name combine is used for both harvesting and threshing.

Winnowing :- Winnowing is the process of separating the grains from the hay and chaff with the help of wind.

The grains mix with hey and chaff are made to fall from a height. The Grain fall straight on the ground but the hay and chaff , being lighter, are carried away to some distance by the wind. Winnowing is also carried out by a winning machine.
9 :- Storage Of Grains 

Harvested food grains need to be storage safely so that they are protected from fungal diseases, rodents and insects pests. The freshly harvested grains have moisture which promotes fungal growth.

Hence, grains are properly dried in the sun. The dried food grains are stored in containers, gunny bags or in silos.
  • On domestic level ,wheat, rice, gram, etc, are stored in small metallic containers.
  • On commercial level , foodgrains are stored either in gunny bags or in silos and granaries.
Gunny Bags :- 
    Gunny bags are jute bags. They are filled with foodgrains and are stacked in large godowns on wooden platforms. They are stored about 10 - 15 cm above the ground and about 70 cm away from the walls. The godowns are made free of microbes , insects and rodents by spraying pesticides.

    So these are the 9 method to grow crop production. 

    I think you like this knowledgeable information , if you like then share with your friends and colleagues.

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    SBI ATM PIN Generation By ATM, Internet Banking, SMS & IVRS (2019)

    SBI ATM PIN Generation By ATM, Internet Banking, SMS & IVRS (2019) :- 

    SBI ATM Pin Generation Process 

    You need to invest your valuable energy by visiting the branch a few times to make another SBI ATM PIN. You know these days we can do numerous things with the assistance of the Internet, that is the reason you are additionally ready to make another ATM PIN of your SBI Account from home. You don't have to visit Your SBI Bank's Branch. In this blog entry, you will think about the SBI ATM PIN Generation.

    You need to Create a SBI ATM Card PIN for a few reasons.
    • When you opened another ledger, and from that point onward, you will get your Debit Card at your home. 
    • When you need to change your SBI ATM/Debit card PIN. 
    • On the off chance that you don't recall your SBI ATM/Debit card PIN.

    SBI ATM PIN Generation (4 Ways) :-

    As I have just disclosed to you that you may need to change the SBI ATM PIN for a few reasons. For this situation, in the event that you know your SBI ATM PIN and need to change just as far as security, at that point it will be clear for you. 

    You can rapidly change the PIN of your ATM or plastic by visiting any of the SBI ATMs. Aside from this, there are numerous different ways that I am going to disclose to you further.

    1) SBI ATM PIN Generation by ATM :-

    On the off chance that you need to change Your SBI ATM Card PIN or you have overlooked the old stick, at that point the SBI bank's ATM is the best, least difficult and quickest approach to make another PIN. 

    Making another SBI ATM Pin is a direct procedure; you have to pursue these straightforward advances.

    1) You need to tap on the 'Select Pin Generation' catch subsequent to embeddings your card in the ATM, this alternative shows up in the wake of applying a Debit or ATM card to ATM.

    2) After this, you will be approached to enter your 11-digit record number. Subsequent to entering the financial balance number, you need to tap the 'Affirm' catch on the ATM. Keep in mind you just ready to do this procedure by means of SBI ATM

    3) Now will be approached to Enter your Registered Mobile number. From that point forward, you need to tap the affirm Button on the ATM.

    4) In this progression, you will be approached to get an OTP code on your ATM screen, an OTP code will be sent to your enrolled versatile number, for that you need to tap on the affirm catch.

    Note: Most of the general population enter their last 4 digit ATM card number as OTP, yet your OTP is in the English language like one eight four three.

    5) Now you will get an OTP Code (One Time Password) on your enrolled portable number, this OTP code will be legitimate for two days. 

    You need to change this PIN code once more, for that, you need to return your SBI ATM Card in the ATM and this time you need to tap on 'Banking' and afterward click on 'Stick Change' alternative. Here you need to enter that stick which you get on your enlisted versatile number. 

    6) Now in this progression, you will be approached to enter your new PIN and after that affirm it, in the wake of affirming your new SBI ATM/Debit Card PIN will be initiated. 

    This was the first and most quick approach to change the SBI ATM/Debit card PIN.

    2) SBI ATM PIN Generation by SMS :- 

    SMS through your enrolled Mobile number is another approach to SBI ATM PIN Generation. Along these lines, you need to complete a SMS on this number (567676) from your enlisted versatile number. 

    Remember that you likewise need to go to your bank's ATM in this technique. You have to send this sort of message to 567676 from your enlisted portable number. 

    Stick CCCC AAAA (Example – PIN 4567 8896)


    PIN – You need to type this in capital letter 

    CCCC – Last four digits of your SBI ATM/Debit card 

    AAAA – Last 4 digits of your financial balance number 

    When the message is effectively sent, you will get a PIN on your enrolled versatile number which will be substantial for 2 days. You need to change this stick with the assistance of SBI ATM. 

    In the wake of embeddings the ATM card in ATM you have to enter that PIN which you get in the message, Now change the PIN by tapping on the 'Stick Change' choice. 

    On the off chance that Pin Change Option isn't obvious on your ATM, at that point you can get it through Quick Cash>Pin Change 

    In the wake of tapping on the financial alternative, you will get a stick change choice. In numerous ATMs, this choice will be shown as you enter the ATM card or in Quick Cash alternative. 

    3) SBI ATM PIN Generation By Internet Banking :- 

    SBI Net financial clients can make a New ATM PIN. Changing the PIN by means of Internet Banking you don't have to go to an ATM.

    1. To change the SBI ATM PIN through Internet Banking, you need to sign in with your ID and Password 

    2. Presently you need to choose the alternative of ATM Pin Generation by going to ATM card administrations. For this, you need to do your verification by entering your profile secret word or a one-time secret word. 

    3. Presently you need to choose your record number and later the charge card that you need to change the PIN or to set another PIN. 

    4. In this progression, you will be approached to embed 2 digits, this 2 digit will be the initial two letters of your SBI Debit Card PIN and the staying two digits will be sent to your enrolled versatile number. 

    5. Presently you will be approached to embed your four-digit SBI ATM PIN in which the initial two are chosen without anyone else's input, and you will get the staying two digit on your enlisted portable. 

    6. click on Confirm. In the wake of affirming your PIN, your new SBI ATM PIN will be set. 

    4) SBI ATM PIN Generation By Phone Call :- 

    You can likewise change the PIN of your SBI ATM or Debit Card with the assistance of IVRS-Phone Call. For this, you should call 1800 425 3800, 1800 1122 11, 080 26599990 with your enlisted portable number. 

    After this, you need to choose a choice to change the ATM or Debit Card PIN 

    You will currently be approached to enter your ATM or plastic number and ledger number. 

    After this, an OTP will be sent to your enlisted portable number. This OTP will likewise be substantial for 2 days. 

    After this, you should make another SBI ATM PIN simply like the initial two choices by heading off to any of your SBI Bank ATMs.

    End :- 

    Here you learned 4 different ways to make New SBI ATM's Pin; you can make your ATM Pin with the assistance of ATM, Internet Banking, SMS and IVR. On the off chance that you produce PIN through Internet Banking, at that point you don't have to go to ATM Machine, Internet banking is the best choice, in the event that you are not a web banking client, at that point you can Activate it Online. After web banking, ATM is likewise a decent choice. Interestingly, anybody can utilize it.

    SBI Balance Enquiry Number, Mini Statement & Registration Process 2019

    SBI Balance Enquiry Number, Mini Statement & Registration Process 2019 :- 

    Individuals who comprehend the estimation of time need to spare it since time is valuable and we have constrained time. Here you will think about SBI Balance Enquiry Number, Mini Statement and the enlistment procedure.

    SBI Balance Enquiry Number, Mini Statement & Registration Process 2019

    SBI is the biggest open division bank in India with the 23% piece of the pie in resources, SBI was established in 1806; it has a decent story that how SBI progressed toward becoming, on the off chance that you need to think about that, at that point visit SBI Wiki. 

    SBI offer numerous helpful administrations to the clients like it has loads of ATMs the nation over, it gives Net banking, portable banking, and some other e-administrations, Yono is the most recent and valuable application for all SBI Customers.

    SBI Balance Enquiry Number and Process :- 

    SBI gives "SBI Quick Missed Call Baking " to the clients wherein they can check their SBI record equalization and Mini articulation by giving a missed call.

               Note – SBI Missed Call Banking isn't Working Nowadays 

    On the off chance that you need to check your SBI record balance, at that point you need to dial this number 

    09223766666 from your enrolled versatile number. 

    Your call will be disengage naturally after a few rings, and you will get a SMS from your keep money with the Account balance. 

                        SBI Balance Check Number – 09223766666

    Keep in mind You need to enroll your portable number for SBI Quick administration, the enlistment is a simple undertaking, communicate something specific from your enlisted versatile number along these lines type REG 'Record NUMBER' send to 09223488888. 

    On the off chance that my Account no is 37042076453, at that point I will type this SMS like this REG 37042076453 

    You will get the affirmation message from the bank, Make sure you send this message from your enlisted portable number, in the event that your versatile number isn't enrolled with the bank, at that point you can't utilize SBI missed call banking office. 

    You can likewise check your SBI Account Balance by sending a SMS, Type BAL and Send to 09223766666

    SBI Mini Statement Number & Registration :- 

    You just need to approach this number 09223866666 to check the SBI Account Mini Statement, your record's small scale articulation will be sent to your versatile Number inside 5 seconds of the call. 

    Keep in mind you need to enroll for this administration on the off chance that you effectively enlisted for Missed Call Balance Check, at that point, No Need to enlist for it.

                                    SBI Mini Statement Number – 09223866666

    You can likewise check your SBI record's scaled down explanation by sending a SMS, Type MSTMT and send to 09223866666 from your enlisted portable number.

    Conclusion :- 

    I am also holding an account in SBI bank, and I have used almost all SBI e-services, technology is changing too fast; today you have Internet so I want to recommend you to use UPI where you can send and receive money along with balance checking.
    SBI Balance Enquiry is too comfortable with the missed call banking; it is available 24×7. LogicalShout always loves feedback so; please share in comments.